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    Home of Shortiejacks and Hunt Terriers
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responding  and I am responding to the ones I have received.  You can email me at  Thank you!
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Home of English Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers and American Hunt Terriers!
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    Russellville Farms has been breeding quality  jack russell terrier puppies  for over twenty years. Strict guidelines are followed in
    the breeding of my jack russell terriers and preservation of my lines is of utmost importance. I breed dogs for expressive heads, good
    conformation, lots of substance and bone, but my number one priority is to breed a jack russell that has an excellent temperament.

    I have worked hard for many years achieving the level of short jack russells that I have today and am very proud of  my beautiful Russell
    Terriers  and the joy they have brought to so many people and how those people have enriched my life.  

    We first began our association with the English Jack Russell Terrier Club in 1995, and in 1999, I became the secretary of the organization.
    In this position I not only found a lot of responsibility as an officer, but as a jack russell breeder.  Being in one of the officiating positions
    of the club, especially one that oversees the registration of the English Jacks Russell Terriers puts me in the spotlight. I feel I must set an
    example and strictly adhere to the guidelines of our jack russell registry. I think my shorty jacks are exactly that, breeding only for those
    traits that are desirable within the breed and marking those without those traits as pet quality jack russells.
American ~ European Jack Russell Terriers
Rocky male jack russell terrier
Scotty male rough coat jack russell terrier
Smooth Coats
Broken Coats
Rough Coats

Founding member of the EJRTCA

AKC inspected and approved!
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American ~ European Hunt Terriers
Body, hunt terrier and Jim

    Russellville Farms is beginning to expand and go beyond
    offering excellent companions to people.

    Many of our jack russells are beginning to enter the working
    dog world as hunters for different types of animals including
    trailing deer and retrieving birds.
Please explore our site and learn about the exciting solid color version of the short jack russell terriers
known as
Hunt Terriers  Not only known as great family companions - but also proving to excel in the HUNT.
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